About the HCSRN

Founded in 1994, the Health Care Systems Research Network (HCSRN) is an innovative consortium of research centers based in community-based health delivery systems. Members of the HCSRN share a commitment to rigorous public domain research that addresses critically important questions for improving health and health care. Formerly known as the HMO Research Network, the HCSRN consists of 20 members (19 based in the US, and one in Israel). Leadership is provided by a representative Board of Governors, an Executive Director, and a Deputy Executive Director.

The annual conference has been a mainstay of the HCSRN since its inception, serving as a venue for research teams to disseminate scientific findings, stimulate new collaboration, and share insights about conducting research in real-world care delivery settings. Findings from the HCSRN conferences have been published in special supplement issues of Clinical Medicine and Research, and more recently, the Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Review.

Our Conferences bring together a diverse constituency of members and non-members, including researchers and study managers, clinicians and health system leaders, funding agency personnel, and patient-partners. Ample networking opportunities and high caliber science blend to create a unique conference experience.

Learn more about all of the participating members, projects, and HCSRN’s open access resources via the Network’s website.